Business Partners

  • Celtic Insurance Brokers - Derek Bryce

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  •  0274 484 484
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I have been in the insurance industry for the past 28 years and I am an Insurance Broker and a Registered Advisor. I am a member of the Professional Advisors Association.

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Contact Michael Cochrane, Nicole Farrier or Bruce Stewart for the legal aspects of your Refinance or Property Transaction.

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  • Alison Green Lawyer

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  •  021 0220 7845
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Lawyers in Palmerston North specialising in Property, Trusts and Business.

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Generate is a NZ owned KiwiSaver Provider. The team at Mortgage Link Manawatu are able to provide 'class advice' on KiwiSaver

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I have been a Chartered Accountant since 2000, and have been involved in advising many industries. My specialties include the road freight transport industry, agricultural contracting, medical practitioners, all matters farming, and the five ways to improve your retail business. I also have expertise in providing indicative business valuations, which can be used to assist with buying or selling a business or shares in a business, and in matrimonial settlements. An indicative business valuation is also a tool in the process to increase your growth and financial wealth. I enjoy assisting clients in the management of their business and wealth creation. I have always advocated that corporate governance is the means to help you grow your Company taking it from the kitchen table to the Boardroom. The business owner may be very good at what they do, but that does not always mean they are also good at running a business. Sometimes it is a case of not using all your brains, but also the brains available to you. I have been appointed a Director or Trustee for a number of clients as the trusted Business Advisor, having the ability to add value to their business. I am married to Kelly-Jane and we have a daughter Isabella who has recently started school and a son Hadleigh who is at preschool. I am a keen golfer and enjoy motorsport. Specialties: I enjoy being involved; helping people grow their business to whatever size they desire, protecting what they value, and reveling in their success. Let me help you. “Not Your Average Accountant!”

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  • Jason Driscole and Mike Creed

  •  06 353 6901
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Jason Driscole Director - I'm a Chartered Accountant and partner at Morrison Creed with many years of accountancy experience, working with a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. I have a strong focus and interest in business and property investment related clients and am committed to assisting clients achieve their business and personal goals. I enjoy working with new technology and am always interested in ways of engaging with clients on a more efficient basis. It's not about us understanding the numbers, but about showing our clients how their business is performing and how improvements can be made. I grew up in the Manawatu and completed my tertiary studies at Massey University, gaining a Bachelor of Business Studies (Accounting and Finance) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Accounting. In 2013 I was awarded a Fellowship of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA), was the Chair of NZICA Manawatu Leadership Team from 2010-2013 and am also involved in the NZICA professional competency programme.

Mike Creed Director  - With nearly 20 years experience in the accounting industry, Mike has a wide range of skills to offer businesses. Mike likes to build long term relationships and work with clients on a regular basis, assisting them to achieve their goals by monitoring actual results against forecast results and implementing strategies to fast track progress. He uses industry benchmarks to assist with this process. A very important part of the work Mike does is to review structures for new and existing clients. This process involves implementing or changing structures to meet the long term goals of clients, which can cover the areas of asset protection, succession planning, wealth creation and so on. Mike has a considerable amount of experience in providing indicative business valuations. These valuations can assist with selling a business, selling shares in the business, buying a business and in matrimonial settlements.

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If you are thinking of building, why not give us a call and discover why more New Zealanders build with G.J. Gardner every year than any other!

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  • Paul and Janine Haydock

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We are a leading residential home builder in Palmerston North specialising in house and land packages with a difference.

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The Business Group is made up of a hand-picked group of experienced, practical, professionals that share a common vision for supporting business people – by providing a listening ear, a comprehensive resource centre and specifically targeted services. With strong interests in Business Development, Marketing and Psychology, Pauline Meredith-King has a passion to find answers that will allow all The Business Group clients to unlock their true potential, remove stress from their lives and allow them to achieve their dreams. The ability to ‘set a course’ that leads to desired outcomes is critical to any business success Pauline holds the Institute of Accredited Business Consultants highest recognition having qualified as an IABC APEC Accredited Business Consultant. This is the benchmark throughout the Asia Pacific Economic Community for Business Consultants. The Business Group assists you and your business through: • offering innovative business resources and solutions. • utilising smart business resources and tools to increase bottom-line profit. • practical business coaching and business mentoring. • building sustainable business models to provide you with more than just a job. • helping you to turn your business into a valuable and saleable asset for the future. • showing you how to enjoy what you are doing and how to create a life both within and outside your business. Contact The Business Group for a Free One Hour Consultation to discuss your business needs

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  • ANZ Bank Limited

  • ASB Bank Limited

  • BNZ Bank Limited

  • Westpac NZ Limited

  • The Co-operative Bank

  • Sovereign Home Loans

  • RESIMAC Home Loans Limited

  • Liberty Financial

  • NZCU Baywide

  • TSB Bank